Darwin Tree Services

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Here's a summary of our services

Tree Surgery
This can be the felling and complete removal of dead or dangerous trees. We can also manage the shape and size of a tree to lessen the impact of a dense or oppressive canopy.
Chipping and Unimog Hire
With its four wheel drive, front mounted 7" PTO chipper and 9cm wood chip capacity, this chipper truck can access areas others cannot, and can clear large amounts of brush, small trees and scrub in no time at all. Manned daily or weekly rates available.
Tree Stump Removal
We can remove tree stumps safely and efficiently, so that the ground is ready for reuse.
Tree Planting and Delivery
With our knowledge of species, we can recommend and supply trees and other plants for particular situations. We can also offer discounts on nursery stock.
Firewood and Logs Delivery
Logs and firewood delivered to your door. English, seasoned and graded, including ash, beech, birch, cherry, elm and oak. Available by the bag, yard bag or load, subject to stock.
Tree Surveys and Reports
We can carry out surveys and provide reports on the condition of trees, and also on the presence of birds and bats.
Hedge Cutting
We can maintain larger or boundary hedges through the use of climbers.
Air-spade Work
This is a non-damaging method of digging and making excavations around tree roots.
Compost and Mulch Delivery
We can supply compost and mulch by the bag or load, subject to stock.
Garden Maintenance
Regular weekly, monthly or yearly service offered.

If you require any of the services we offer feel free to contact us for advice and a free quote.