Tree Reduction in South London and Kent

Darwin Tree Services provide professional tree reduction in South London and Kent. See some examples below.

Feel free to contact us to arrange a free quote. We are fully qualified, fully insured, and can provide references on request.

Ash Crown Reduction, Penge

This client in Penge had quite a large ash tree at the end of their garden and wanted to allow in more late afternoon and evening light, but still retain some privacy from the building behind. So we carried out a 30%-35% crown reduction and 25% crown thinning.

Lime Pollard, Biggin Hill

This lime tree had a number of ganoderma fungal brackets at its base. As the tree was in an exposed position close to a main road, it was decided to remove the risk of limb failure by pollarding it, so reducing its wind sail area. Decay can clearly be seen at the bottom of the felled section of this tree.

Poplar Pollard, Telegraph Hill

We were called in to pollard three very large poplar trees near Telegraph Hill in south London.

This involved a large team working in 6 gardens over 5 days and removing all woody material down the gardens and out through the houses.

Robinia Tree Reduction, Peckham

For this job we carried out tree surgery on a robinia pseudoacacia. The tree was in a conservation area and we worked closely with the local authority to maintain the grandeur of this fine tree by giving it a sympathetic crown raise and crown reduction.

Tree Pollard in Keston

We were pollarding this large ash tree, but it was situated over the client’s summer house with virtually no room beneath to lower the branches safely, so we constructed a speedlining system to move the offcuts over the building to a point on the ground where they could be processed.

Horse Chestnut Reduction

We carried out a 20% crown reduction and crown raising on this horse chestnut for Bromley council, as the heavy canopy had been preventing the solar-powered ticket machine from charging.

Large Plane Tree Pollard, Dulwich

This plane tree was in the rear garden of the client’s property and one of the largest trees in the road. It was also within the Dulwich Estates conservation area, so the work had to done to the highest specification.

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