Tree Removal in South London and Kent

Darwin Tree Services provide a professional tree removal service in South London and Kent, some examples of which you can see below.

Feel free to contact us to arrange a free quote. We are fully qualified, fully insured, and can provide references on request.

Holm Oak Tree Removal, Herne Hill

A client in Herne Hill had had a survey pinpointing the holm oak tree at the front of a church as the cause of subsidence. This is clearly visible in the form of cracks running vertically between the windows in photos taken on the day we removed the tree.

The site has since been replanted with a more manageable beech hedge.

Poplar Tree Removal, Biggin Hill

This large poplar tree in the grounds of the old RAF base was showing signs of dieback in the upper crown. It had also shed a couple of branches in recent months, so it was decided to dismantle the tree to ground level. We planked the usable wood on-site.

Emergency Tree Surgery, Sevenoaks, Kent

We were called out to deal with an emergency wind-blown tree in a Sevenoaks back garden.

The garden shed had taken a direct hit from a large chestnut tree, which was unstable, and valuable items were still within the shed.

The tree had to be made safe by slowly removing the weight from the remaining canopy and making props to support the remaining stem before complete sectional removal.

London Plane Tree Removal, Bromley

We were asked to dismantle a large London plane tree in Bromley which had become too large and too close to the client’s property. It was causing damage to the garden and public footpaths, and a risk of damage to the drains.

The tree was so close to the house that we had to use a pulley and rope system to be able to lower the sections carefully to the ground and remove them.

Poplar Tree Removal, Norwood

A large DDD (dead, dangerous or dying) poplar had to be removed from a client’s house in Norwood as they wanted to erect a summer house in its place.

The tree was so rotten, and had such a large cavity near its base, that a person could stand within it!

Cedar Tree Removal, Sutton

We felled a cedar tree for a client in Sutton and he wanted to keep some of the wood from the tree to make a large dining table and some garden furniture, so we planked it on-site.

Felling a Diseased Sycamore Tree

This sycamore tree looked diseased on the exterior, with die-back, dead limbs, and a ganoderma fruiting body at base. Once felled the decay can clearly be seen with only a small amount of live tissue remaining.

A diseased sycamore felled by Darwin Tree Services

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