Tree Surgeons in South London

Darwin Tree Services provide professional tree surgery in the south London boroughs of Bromley, Greenwich, Bexley, Lewisham, Croydon, Sutton, Merton, Lambeth and Southwark, and areas of Kent and Surrey to the south of London. We are fully qualified, fully insured, and can provide references on request. All tree surgery we carry out will comply with BS3998.

Darwin Tree Surgeons at work in south London

Tree Felling and Tree Removal

Tree removal can become necessary if your tree is dangerous or diseased, and with tree felling, safeguarding people and property is our first priority. Your trees will be dismantled by accredited tree surgeons following industry best practice. Trees that cannot be clear-felled will be felled in sections. Offcuts will be lowered to ground level in a controlled manner for processing into manageable sizes. We can also remove your tree stump if required.

Tree Reduction

Tree reduction can be an alternative to tree removal, as we can manage the shape and size of your tree to lessen the impact of a dense or oppressive canopy.

Tree Pruning

Similar to reduction, tree pruning targets parts of your tree, such as diseased branches or the crown, in order to benefit the health of the tree.

Specimen Tree Removal

Special trees with a high personal, historical or monetary value will be carefully removed and either planked onsite or transported for seasoning and milling at our yard in south London.

Tree Preservation Orders

If your tree is subject to a tree preservation order or is in a conservation area, an application would need to be made to the relevant local authority before any tree work could commence. We are happy to do this on your behalf.

Emergency Tree Surgery

We are also available for emergency tree work in South London. If trees are posing an immediate threat or have already caused damage, then action may need to be taken quickly.

Tree Surgery Waste

All waste and offcuts will be removed and as much as possible recycled. Brushwood will be chipped into our Unimog, and larger branches cut up by hand.

Tree Surgery in Penge

Ash Crown Reduction, Penge

This client in Penge had quite a large ash tree at the end of their garden…

Site Clearance, Biggin Hill

Root Removal, Biggin Hill

A site was being cleared close to Biggin Hill and we were called in to remove some previously cut…

Tree Surgery Herne Hill

Holm Oak Tree Removal, Herne Hill

A client in Herne Hill had had a survey pinpointing a holm oak tree as the cause of subsidence…

Tree Surgery Biggin Hill

Poplar Tree Removal, Biggin Hill

This large poplar tree in the grounds of the old RAF base at Biggin Hill was showing signs of dieback…

Tree surgery Biggin Hill

Lime Pollard, Biggin Hill

This lime tree had a number of ganoderma fungal brackets at its base…

Tree Surgery in Telegraph Hill

Poplar Pollard, Telegraph Hill

We were called in to pollard three very large poplar trees near Telegraph Hill

Emergency Tree Surgery Sevenoaks

Emergency Tree Surgery, Sevenoaks, Kent

We were called out to deal with an emergency wind-blown tree in a Sevenoaks back garden.

Tree Surgery in Norwood

Poplar Tree Removal, Norwood

A large DDD poplar had to be removed in Norwood…

Beckenham tree surgery

Tree and Stump Removal, Beckenham

We were contracted by a ground works company to remove four trees in Beckenham

Tree Surgery Camberwell

Site Clearance, Camberwell

We were asked to clear a site in Camberwell.

Tree Surgery Peckham

Robinia Reduction, Peckham

For this job we carried out tree surgery on a robinia pseudoacacia in Peckham.

Tree surgery Sutton

Cedar Tree Removal, Sutton

We felled a cedar tree for a client in Sutton and he wanted to keep some of the wood…

Tree Surgery in Keston BR2

Tree Pollard in Keston

We were pollarding this large ash tree in Keston BR2, but it was situated over the client’s summer house…

A diseased sycamore felled by Darwin Tree Services

Felling a Diseased Sycamore Tree

This sycamore tree looked diseased on the exterior, with die-back, dead limbs, and a ganoderma fruiting body at base…

If you’re looking for professional tree surgeons in the South London area, do contact us for advice and a free quotation.

Thanks for the work – the trees look great

Celia, SE15

You and the team did a really great job

Mrs J W, SE19

My favourite tree surgeon

Kate Eyre

London Garden Designer