Oak Tree Removal and Planking

We were called in to remove an oak tree in the rear garden of a property in Bromley, and it was found to be very old for its size, with close growth rings and healthy heart wood.

The client asked for our onsite planking service so that she could make use of the timber within her home.

Felling a London Plane Tree

We were asked to dismantle a large London plane tree in Bromley which had become too large and too close to the client’s property. It was causing damage to the garden and public footpaths, and a risk of damage to the drains.

The tree was so close to the house that we had to use a pulley and rope system to be able to lower the sections carefully to the ground and remove them.

Horse Chestnut Reduction

We carried out a 20% crown reduction and crown raising on this horse chestnut for Bromley council, as the heavy canopy had been preventing the solar-powered ticket machine from charging.

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